Wednesday, December 18, 2013

4 Strategies to Effective New Year's Resolutions

1. Remember why you are setting the goal. When you find and remember the core reason to why you want to reach your goal, you will be more inspired to stay on track to completing it. Without a strong desire or passion, your resolution will be recycled for the next year.

2. Be specific. Set a time to complete and have a measurable goal. Instead of "exercise more", try "going to the gym 2x per week". 

3. Write it down. A Stanford University study found that when people wrote down their goal, it increased the probability of them achieving it by over 70%!

4. Forgive failures. Nobody is perfect. There will be breakdowns and set-backs. Just because you fail one day, one week, or one month doesn't mean you should give up entirely! Persistence pays off.

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